Digital technology is transforming the Health and Wellness sector.

Fjord believes that digital technology is enabling a move from an old industrial model of ´one-to-many´ healthcare to a new paradigm of highly tailored experiences built around individuals.

Part of this process is the disintermediation of particular parts within industries and a more fundamental paradigm shift of how an industry works. This move is gaining momentum in the health and wellness area, and in particular the field of medicine. One of the main thought leaders on this is Eric Topol, a medical doctor and professor of genomics who calls this shift ´The Creative Destruction Of Medicine.´

From a digital service design perspective, Fjord sees both opportunities and challenges in these trends.

This document aims to highlight the most important aspects, with a particular focus on the intersection of digital services and the Health and Wellness domain in developed markets.

Written with: Christian Lindholm and Giovanna Nicosia.