Internet of Things Academy

I worked with Superflux on the user experience strategy and concept for the IoT Academy platform. This is an ongoing effort to establish an open community platform about using the Internet of Things for change, local or global. More info on IoTA:

We have built the IoTA platform to inspire a revolution in open connectivity, devices and sensors to help you shape the world around you, the future of the Internet of Things (IoT) is about you. With IoTA, you create the data to provide evidence, for real change within your community and beyond.

IoT shouldn’t be limited to big data, smart cities and a select few having access to enormous piles of incomprehensible datasets. Our platform helps you to stop being a data spectator: measuring or being measured with no insight into where the data goes or what it means. IoTA encourages people to understand the data they create and use it for advocacy purposes.

More about this project soon.