The World of Intangibles
How Does it Change Us?

This research text looks into ubiquitous computing and explores how it changes human perception, societies, the economy and perhaps even what it means to be human.

It was produced as a final year dissertation at Ravensbourne. This text is not a historic analysis, but a critical report of observations underpinned by primary and secondary research.

Insights for this research came from experts from design, psychology and sociology:

– Chuck Cummins, Microsoft
– Paul De´Ath, Victor Szilagyi and Dean Butcher, Samsung Design Europe
– Elizabeth Roche, frog design
– Prof. Dr. Dr. Friedrich Hesse, Knowledge Media Research Center
– Dr. Anke Wahl, University of Tübingen
– Florian Ortkrass and Stuart Wood, rAndom International

2009, Ravensbourne